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Lovina House and Home

Welcome to Lovina House & Home.

Most people at sometime have considered owning property abroad. Lovina, in North Bali and the surrounding area offers affordable investment opportunities for people who would like to enter the market. Whether you are looking for a holiday home that could also realise some rental income, or possibly considering Bali as a retirement destination. We offer a range of possible solutions from land purchase with a view to building something in the future. Design or project homes to your specification built from local materials. May be you would like a new home with sufficient land for future development, or an existing property that can be developed over time.

The reality of buying a property or land in Bali compared to your home country is a very different experience. Our goal is to manage your expectations and provide a comprehensive value added service. Our policy is to make our clients aware of the full process of any purchase and any potential concerns, delays that may occur and solutions to expedite completion.

The intention of the site is to give clients who are considering investing in property or land in the Lovina area what they can expect. A realistic overview of what itfs like to invest, own and live in the area.

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